Gracie Jiujitsu

Hi and welcome to RGA Brazilian jiu-jitsu! here you will learn a high quality BJJ having fun getting fit and confident. Hi, my name is Carlos Peixoto i'm a Brazilian jiu- jitsu instructor holding now a brown I first started in Bjj back in 2004 in my home city of Salvador brazil, just for fun, and it turned into a passion, which I now share with you!

I have been living and training bjj in many diferent places, towns, countries and it has enriched my jiu jitsu style and techniques as well as my whole life. We train under Roger Gracie, who is known as best BJJ competitor of all time, being 10 times world champion and much more... also professor Kev Capel the head of the RGA bucks and a Rogers black belt, kev has won many competitions including the Europeans.

Here our jiu jitsu has no secrets or mystery you learn as you go and I'm confident that you will also notice changes in your confidence attitude towards the others, problem solving, self-confidence, and a whole new life style.